Accu-Source, Inc.
  Serving the Dallas - Ft. Worth Metroplex
We are a premier information and public records provider to investigators in the state of Texas and are one of the leading national providers of public information. Services include:
  • Criminal Records
       (All US counties)
  • State Driving Records
       (All US states, some require a signed release)
  • DMV Searches - Plate and Vin's
       (Texas is automated)
  • DL Checks
       (Utilizing three databases)
  • Death Records
  • Pre-employment Background Checks
  • Secretary of State records (all States)
  • Officer and Director Search
  • National Name Lookup
  • Asset Search
Some information searches are restricted information are available ONLY to companies with legitimate business needs. However, many services are still available to the general public. Please ask us if you have any questions which searches you may request. Our professional research agents will assist in providing the correct type of account for your business needs.

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