Terms and Conditions

User may access and request information from AccuSource, Inc.
on the following terms and conditions:

1. Access to the network may be interrupted from time to time for programming, database updates, , repairs or as a result of circumstances beyond the control of AccuSource and no liability will ensue on the part of AccuSource. AccuSource reserves the right to add or withdraw products with out notice to the User.

2. For each response (including "NO RECORD") to requests for information the User agrees to pay the applicable charges then prevailing. Price schedules are subject to change and Users will be informed by updated price sheets. Terms are NET 30. AccuSource reserves the right to suspend service to a delinquent account without notice. Delinquent accounts are subjet to the cost of collection including reasonable attorney's fees. Texas Sales Tax will be charged where applicable.

3. User is responsible and will be charged for each request made and responded to by AccuSource. If User learns or suspects unauthorized use of account, AccuSource must be immediately notified and the User's password will be cancelled and a new password assigned to the account.

4. AccuSource will exercise its best effort to furnish User accurate and timely information; however, AccuSource makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy of any indexing or data entries of any entity that contributes information to the AccuSource Information Network. User will take full responsibility for the accuracy and appropriateness of all search requests entered into the AccuSource Information Network. No warranty of merchantability or of fitness for any particular purpose shall apply and AccuSource disclaims the making of any such warranties. User agrees that any and all information obtained from AccuSource shall be used for lawful purposes only.

5. User shall release AccuSource from any and all cost and liabilities which may be asserted/assessed against AccuSource based upon inaccurate material and the improper use by User of credit or any other information furnished to User by AccuSource. In addition, User hereby releases all the directors, officers, employees, agents or suppliers of AccuSource for any injuries or damages as a result of AccuSource furnishing data or information to User.

Our service is only available to companies with legitimate business needs. Personal applications and applications from the general public may be accepted, but will not have access to restricted areas. There is a $25 retainer for all new accounts which is applied to applicant's usage.

This agreement shall continue in force without any fixed date of termination, but either AccuSource or User may terminate the agreement upon ten (10) days prior written notice to the other or by User violating the above provisions.

I agree to the above terms and conditions.
I do not agree to the above terms and conditions.